Transfer History

I have decided that a season runs from ‘1st June’ to ’31st May’ so there may be some transfers that fall outside of this window but should still be classified as the next season like the ‘Lukas Podolski’ transfer as it was agreed in April 2012 but should be included in the 2012/13 season as he arrived in June 2012.

When some youth players are released its usually on June 1st or July 1st, some times it is not made clear but just listed as released so I just put 1st of the month, when they later sign for another club I usually keep the date as the date they were released by Arsenal.

As most transfer fees are not made 100% clear and some have clauses or add on fees I have tried to get these as close as possible rather than list all the different versions I have read as many sites with have different prices.

As I update this as and when I find new information some of the financial figures might have changed due to add on fees, sell on clauses and released details.

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